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Notary Public

If you want or need something to ship from Los Angeles, California, the Pico Shipping is ready to help you to pack and ship anything wherever it is destined in the world. They can take care of all your shipping and packing needs, which include worldwide shipping, crating and more.

Packing, shipping and crating in Los Angeles are among the needs, especially to those who are purchasing products in other countries. The Pico Shipping has become one of the leading shipping companies that provide the best and quality service for every client and customers that would come to them.

They are available for the following:

  • Shipping
  • Packing
  • Crating
  • Notary public
  • Mailboxes

They are for Quality, Integrity and Service! They would do their best in order to meet or even exceed your expectations regarding the shipping services like no other. They are aiming to gain the trust of every other customer or client that would come to seek their help and service. Their most priority is to address and cater the needs and interests of the people in order to give and provide what they deserve. This company is goal-oriented and dedicated to every service they are bound to work.

The Pico shipping LA makes sure that the products are safe and secure in the hands of the service teams who do the job. Being one of the top shipping companies in Los Angeles, the Pico Shipping prefers partners that also ensure safe, on-time delivery for your items.

Pickup / Delivery—you can expect for a fast and convenient pickup and delivery for your items. The company ensures that items will be picked up and delivered on time.

Local / Long distance—since the company is offering worldwide shipping, you can rely and count on them anywhere you would want to deliver the items.


When it comes to storage, the shipping company makes sure of the protection and security of the storage places.

Packing Services

They have certified packing experts that can pack almost anything. They can save your time as well as ensure that your items will arrive intact at its right destination. They also ensure a proper and secured packing of the fragile and high-value items antiques, crystal, art, electronics, china and porcelain.

Shipping Services

When it comes to the shipping services, the company is offering variety of shipping options in order to meet your budget and deadline. The delivery that they are offering is at the right speed, at the right time along with right and reasonable cost that will surely meet and exceed your critical shipment needs.

Fine Art Antiques

When it comes to crating for your Fine Arts Antiques, they have the skills and abilities to handle art that was entrusted to their care. They are doing it with respect, understanding and appreciation of the value. Being the expert skilled in terms of the unique aspect of handling the fine art, their art movers are specializing in shipping, crating, installing and storage of all types

Pico Shipping offers a complete range of shipping services by means of local and international shipping carriers. We provide a wide variety of delivery options for you from packing, to delivery of the shipping throughout LA.

Our expertise and skills will saves you time

We understand that the ins and outs of Worldwide Shipping will include custom rules and regulations. Thus, shipping packages internationally can be in fact a time consuming process that will include so much paperwork, regulations and tariff as well and that is the reason why we are here for you. Let us work all the details; we are your neighborhood-shipping expert and we will ensure to offer your shipping much easier.

We specialize on proper shipping of your high value and fragile items especially fine art antiques

We are qualified to work and handle with your valuable items and already created a reputation for secure and safe packing and shipping of your items. Let Pico Shipping handle every detail to securely create, pack and ship your fine art antiques.

Along with our location in LA, it is easy for us to ship your fine art, antiques and furniture items easy and on its final destination without damage.

From packing to Pickup / Delivery, Pico Shipping oversees the whole process

Within more than daily flights to more than tons of countries and territories, up to the minute tracking to time definite options, Pico makes your Local / Long distance shipping easier and simpler than ever!

Shipping solution throughout LA

Pico Shipping offers a complete range of shipping services for location throughout LA. We provide a wide variety of shipping options. We make use of boxes and cardboard envelopes in different sizes that can accommodate all of your shipping needs.

Worldwide Shipping services, modified for your needs

The Pico Shipping professionals offers timesaving support for your business and personal needs. So when the time comes that you will need an international shipping service, let us handle the work for you and we will take care of it smoothly without any issues. You don’t need to worry about since we are in the market for almost 30 years and we already understand what it takes to be the best and offer the highest quality of service to our clients.

Notary Public Services

Our licensed and trusted professional notary public services are there to help you will all your concerns to make your shipping experience much easier. By the time your documents were notarized, Pico Shipping will aid you to make any needed copies at the same time transport them when they need to go.

What is the importance of notarizing my documents? A notary public plays a very important role as it acts as a witness on an impartial third party not just to have the documents signature but to ensure as well that the whole parties are verified and signed properly.

Whether you are shipping antiques or priceless art stuffs, Pico Shipping will ensure that will have the best shipping experience ever! Contact us today!

Los Angeles Packaging Shipping and Notary Public